Twitter's the New YouTube?

Susan Hall

Twitter's in a position much like YouTube was before Google bought it, writes search guru John Battelle on his Searchblog. He says the YouTube acquisition was all about search, much as Twitter is shaking out to be.


Indeed, much was written about that when Twitter recently landed $35 million in funding. The tweets on the "Miracle on the Hudson" crash landing were cited as an example of the most up-to-date buzz in the blogosphere and the race to develop a viable search engine for it. As Battelle tells it, Google can't afford not to own that. Trouble is, Twitter's not interested in a buyout.


In a related post, Erik Sass at MediaDaily News cites the many business uses for Twitter, including a taco truck that tweets where it will be 20 minutes beforehand and customers line up. He quotes Rodney Rumford, a social-media guru and CEO at Gravitational Media, saying of the service's business potential:


"Twitter is a goldmine."


He says businesses can either actively use it for marketing or passively to listen to what customers are saying. He said 56 percent of Twitter users say they use it for business purposes. And as IT Business Edge's Ken-Hardin just wrote, we're all still trying to figure out how to mine that social-network gold.

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