Pitch Your Company in One Sentence

Susan Hall

I like this TechCrunch post on creating a one-sentence pitch for your startup, Mad Libs-style.


Founders Institute's Adeo Ressi paints this scenario: You have 30 seconds with angel investor Ron Conway. What do you say? He came up with this template:

My company, __(insert name of company)__, is developing __(a defined offering)__ to help __(a defined audience)__ __(solve a problem)__ with __(secret sauce)__.

The post quotes Ressi, saying:

"Most entrepreneurs add useless adjectives, define their audience too vaguely and have a weak value proposition with no secret sauce." He says articulate entrepreneurs are specific, avoid buzzwords, can adroitly describe the market and target consumer and, in the space of one sentence, even hint at a revenue model.

There's a video where he goes more into detail. Founders Institute, which describes itself on its Web site as "a technology startup accelerator and entrepreneur training program," is having pitch bootcamps in Palo Alto, Calif., on Friday and Seattle next Wednesday. Sign up here.

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