Interoperability Is the Key for Open Solutions Alliance

Lora Bentley

Lora Bentley spoke with Barry Klawans, Open Solutions Alliance spokesperson and CTO at JasperSoft.


Bentley: What will the Open Solutions Alliance do that is different from already existing alliances and foundations that promote open source? In other words, why not have the existing organizations take on some of the interoperability efforts?
Klawans: The OSA is focused on interoperability for a broad range of database and application-level software that involve a variety of projects, products and technologies. This differs from other consortia that are focused on a specific technology or project. The OSA will bring together today's best open source software products and technologies to ensure interoperability that drives adoption of open source business solutions. The members believe this mission warrants a new group to specifically focus on this level of software and meet the every day needs of business users.


Bentley: How will the organization be structured?
Klawans: The OSA will be governed by a board of directors, which will be elected in April. Founding members chose to delay board elections until after public announcement in order to give all interested organizations an opportunity to evaluate joining the Alliance prior to the elections. There are five board seats and any member in good standing will be eligible to elect board members and vote. The OSA board of directors will be responsible for appointing OSA officers, including president, treasurer, secretary and the leads for each of OSA's working groups. In alignment with the OSA charter, OSA's working groups include marketing, interoperability and community work groups. The board will also be responsible for fiduciary management and engagements with outside counsel and contractors.


Bentley: What is the first order of business, and how will the OSA decide what it will tackle when?
Klawans: The first order of business is agreeing on the areas of interoperability the group will dig into first. We have published an interoperability white paper and encourage folks to check it out and get involved. Just register at the OSA Web site to join the mailing lists or e-mail to become a member.

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