For Social Recruiting, It's All in the Mix

Susan Hall

Susan Hall spoke with Jobvite CEO Dan Finnigan and VP of Marketing Anne Murguia about the company's fourth-annual Social Recruiting Survey. You can download the free report here.


"... People are on different social networks and companies realize they need to be on whatever social network that talent is on and have a program that spans all those networks."

Anne Murguia
VP of Marketing

Hall: What did you find significant in this survey?

Finnigan: We've been doing this survey for four years. We started doing it when social recruiting was more of a cutting-edge practice. Throughout the four years, our survey has shown dramatic year-over-year increases in the adoption of social recruiting practices.


The key thing about this year's survey: Not only did it show increases in social recruiting across the surveyed companies, but this year, because of our size and scale, we have released data, which we're calling the Jobvite Index, on the actual behavior and results. So the results confirmed that companies are doing it, and No. 2, that it works.


For example, last year 83 percent of the surveyed companies said they intend to invest in social recruiting in the coming year and this year 89 percent said so. For those companies that were actually increasing their hiring, you'd expect it to be a little bit higher than it is, but 94 percent said they intend to do social recruiting.


Fifty-five percent plan to increase their investment in social recruiting, vs. 46 percent last year.



Hall: I was wondering what they actually spend money on with social recruiting. Is it staff?

Murguia: The survey doesn't ask that specifically, but what we know from working with our customers is that it can take a variety of forms and one of them is certainly time spent, because it's a pretty low-cost way of engaging online. It's pretty interesting to us that as a pretty new source, people find it such an important place to invest. Last year, too, it was the No. 1 source where people said they were going to increase investment.


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