Funny Help Desk Conversations

Kerry Mann

Tech Support: "What type of computer do you have?"
Customer: "A white one."

Tech Support: "What operating system do you run?"
Customer: "Dial-up."


Customer: "I think my computer doesn't know what it is doing."
Tech Support: (pause) "Why? What is the problem with the system?"
Customer: "Well, it keeps asking me, 'What is this?'"


Tech Support: "Are you reading an error message to me?"
Customer: "No, I'm reading an error message to you."


Tech Support: "What seems to be the problem?"
Customer: "When I change my font sizes, the letters change size."

Tech Support: "Ok, in the bottom left hand side of the screen, can you see the 'OK' button displayed?"
Customer: "Wow. How can you see my screen from there?"

Tech Support: "Hi, how can I help you?"
Customer: "Uh, yeah, I can't print."
Tech Support: "Ok, sir, I want you to click 'Start' and--"
Customer: "Listen, buddy, don't get technical on me! I'm not Bill Freakin' Gates, you know!"


Customer: "How fast will my COM ports go?"
Tech Support: "How hard can you throw your computer?"


Tech Support: "I need you to boot the computer."
Customer: (THUMP! Pause.) "No, that didn't help."

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Feb 25, 2010 1:20 AM The Everythingist The Everythingist  says:

The best one I ever got was:

Tech: The icon is on your desktop

Customer: I have a laptop

Tech: I know, the icon is on your desktop.

Customer:Sir, I have a laptop!

Tech:(Pause) The icon is on your wallpaper

Customer: Oh I see it!

Jun 13, 2010 2:38 AM juicy couture tracksuit juicy couture tracksuit  says:

I would have jumped to his final conclusion within the first few sentences though

Sep 16, 2010 6:09 AM Antivirus Antivirus  says: in response to The Everythingist

I am looking forward to encounter all these craps hahaha when i commenced work on 1st October as IT help desk support


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