Here Come the Macs -- Maybe

Carl Weinschenk

Much of this Mac News article deals with technical issues beyond the scope of Gadget Envy, but the key point -- that changes are making the Mac OS more viable for small businesses -- is important.


It's interesting to juxtapose this against Net Applications' latest Mac/Vista numbers, as reported last week at Computerworld. The number of people using Microsoft's Vista more than doubled between February and March (to 2.04 percent of computer users) -- not surprising considering how new it is -- while Mac OS X users shrunk slightly overall.


The Apple numbers are more telling. Use of PowerPC-based Macs fell while Intel-based machines rose -- but not enough to prevent an overall Mac decline from 4.29 percent in February to 3.94 percent in March. These numbers don't break out consumer and business users, so they are only useful to create an overall context.


Macs, of course, have never had overwhelming success in the business sector. The key reasons are incompatibility with the dominant Windows world and the cost of switching infrastructures. Now, the piece says, technical advances make it easier and cheaper to run the systems in parallel.


This suggests that the flow of reliable, secure and fun-to-use iMacs, MacBooks and other Apple devices into the business world will accelerate. If that does happen, it will be interesting to see if any of the attributes that made them so popular start to fade.

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