Watching Every Little IT Move

Michael Vizard

Just because most IT people are a little paranoid doesn’t mean that more people are watching their every move.

One trend that has started to emerge that could bode both well and ill for the IT department is an extension to systems management tools that are designed to give end users more visibility into IT process management. A recent example of this trend is a new Xtraction for CA Service Management tool from CA Technologies that allows end users to create and design interactive IT performance dashboards and reports on their own.

Xtraction for CA Service Mgmt Tool

The most positive thing about the increasing availability of such tools is they allow executives who have come to appreciate the value of IT to become more informed. The downside is they create a window in the IT environment that not only makes IT potentially more accountable, but it also shines a potential spotlight on every little hiccup regardless of the actual business impact of a particular event.

Allen Houpt, an advisor for S&PM solution marketing, concedes that not every IT organization is thrilled about the implications of business executives running their own IT reports, especially when not all of those executives are equally IT-savvy. At the same time, however, it’s a whole lot easier to sell a business executive on the need for upgrades and improvements when they are actively engaged in the IT process, especially if that process is clearly being well run.

Like it or not, more business executives by the day are coming to understand that IT is the engine that makes the business run. What IT people have to get used to is that it means they now want to see what’s happening under the hood more than ever.

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