Usage Metering via the Cloud

Michael Vizard

In an ideal world, every department would pay for IT based on the amount of resources it consumes. The problem with that model, of course, has been finding an easy way to determine who used what resource when.

Nimsoft, a unit of CA Technologies that provides IT monitoring software as a cloud computing service, today added a "see-as-go, pay-as-you-go" usage metering capability to its monitoring service.

Chris O'Connell, product marketing director for Nimsoft, said the Nimsoft Monitoring Solution can now monitor IT consumption in real time. This means that IT organizations don't have to set up elaborate usage metering systems of their own to charge departments for usage or at least make them aware of what IT resources they are consuming.

At a time when IT organizations are under more pressure than ever to show value to the business, usage metering is increasingly going to be a standard requirement for most IT organizations, said O'Connell. Without it, IT organizations can't really show in detail why the cost of IT is increasing because of increased usage, even as the cost of IT infrastructure equipment and software continues to drop.

At the same time, new technologies such as virtualization and cloud computing are requiring IT organizations to be able to dynamically show what shared resources are being consumed by individual departments. As part of this new usage-metering service, Nimsoft is also upgrading the dashboard capabilities of its service to make it easier for IT departments to show individual departments what IT resources they have consumed.

All in all, the days when IT might have been accounted for as a centralized resource that was a fixed cost shared equally across all the business units are rapidly coming to a close.

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Aug 21, 2010 7:52 AM William Louth William Louth  says:

Actually Nimsoft does not provide true monitoring of usage metering and certainly not in realtime which the metered vendors themselves don't provide in all cases. They provide ability to collect metrics related to metering but is something entirely different and not exactly what is needed in the cloud especially at the scale required.

Please check out: as well as for an activity based metering solution that has wide application across multiple management domains including performance, cost and capacity.


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