Unifying the SaaS Experience

Michael Vizard

One of the challenges with software-as-a-service (SaaS) is that once you embrace the core idea you can quickly wind up with a series of applications that are all silos of data onto themselves.

The challenge quickly becomes how do you integrate all these applications in a meaningful way. One company trying to play that role on the SaaS ecosystem is KnowledgeTree, a provider of a SaaS application for managing documents.



While there are several similar services, KnowledgeTree CEO Daniel Chalef says one of the things that distinguishes the KnowledgeTree service is the work the company has put into creating a simple API to integrate the KnowledgeTree service with other SaaS application environments. That approach effectively gives customers a central application environment through which to not only manage documents that might actually reside in any number of SaaS applications, but also share login credentials using single sign-on service from OneLogin that is based on the secure access markup language (SAML) so they don't have to login into several diverse application environments multiple times a day.

We live in a world where the ease of invoking a SaaS application has become a standard way of accessing applications. But all too often that access process is unnecessarily complex. And even after we've successfully logged on, keeping track of what documents are stored where can become a real headache.

What a service such as KnowledgeTree portends is the coming of a more federated world of SaaS applications where less emphasis is placed on where the data is stored in favor of more emphasis on how the data can actually be used. That may be anathema to some SaaS application providers, but they will soon discover how tired users are becoming of having their data and productivity held hostage by applications that don't play nice with each other.

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