Time to Modernize the Data Protection Process

Michael Vizard

Backing up data has been, up until recent times, a cumbersome process that took too long to accomplish. Worse yet, it was never really certain that the data being backed up was actually recoverable.

The good news is that thanks to virtualization and disk-based systems, backup and recovery have evolved into an exercise in data protection that actually works.

A good example of how data protection is being transformed today comes in the form of a new release of NetWorker Unified Backup and Recovery Software from EMC that among other things includes the ability to back up data directly to a disk versus requiring an IT organization to invoke a server to stage and manage the backup process.

According to Rob Emsley, senior director of product marketing for the EMC Backup Recovery Systems Division, the ability to create active replicas of applications that can be invoked in less than 15 minutes coupled with deduplication and a dramatic reduction in the need to do full backups, has transformed the data protection process. Rather than thinking in terms of processes that were originally designed for tape, Emsley says it’s time to modernize data protection using replication and backup software that is optimized for disk storage.

With the rise in the amount of data that needs to be actively managed, backing up that data has become problematic. Tape systems are still the most effective approach when it comes to archiving data. But in the context of backup and recovery, it’s not only time to upgrade the systems involved, but more importantly it's time to re-evaluate how the entire data protection process is being managed in an age where, despite the volumes involved, downtime has become inexcusable.

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