Time for Enterprise IT Tea Party

Michael Vizard

Amid this populist reaction taking place over taxes, the state of the economy and the continued employment of numerous political incumbents, you can't help but wonder if a similar movement is shaping up in enterprise IT.

Across the board, there is a general movement to reduce the cost of enterprise IT. In some quarters it manifests itself in the increased adoption of open source software. In others, it shows up in a shift toward virtualization, cloud computing and converged data center architectures that not only reduce the cost of infrastructure, but put a cap on operational expenses. Elsewhere, we see customers shying away from some of the traditional enterprise vendors in favor of smaller vendors that offer most of the same capabilities at much lower prices. The folks at Netgear, for example, refer to this as "Smart IT versus Big IT."

When you put it all together, it starts to feel like something akin to an IT version of the Tea Party movement. Faced with mounting economic challenges, many customers are simply voting out the incumbent vendor in favor a new more economical approach.

Meanwhile, more than a few incumbent vendors are trying to recast themselves as champions of IT economics and efficiency. At the same time, a lot of enterprise IT organizations increasingly are voting with their feet.


Clearly, something radical is taking place, not in just one sector of IT, but across the board. And maybe it's time we recognized it for what it truly is: a mass customer revolt against the IT status quo.

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