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Michael Vizard
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Top 15 Tech Certifications in Today's Market

There's no doubt that there are a lot of IT professionals who are unemployed these days, but that doesn't necessarily mean they need to be out of work.

The last couple of years has witnessed the rise of companies such as OnForce, FieldSolutions, Field Nation and ServRight that all in one way or another make IT projects available to IT technicians on a contract basis. While that may not solve all the issues an unemployed IT professional might face, it does afford them an opportunity to stay in the game, meet potential new employers and earn a decent amount of change while they figure out their next move.

As Marty Reader, executive vice president for FieldSolutions notes, the more certifications an IT professional has, the more they can make. It's just a matter of signing up for the program. Once vetted, these companies then handle the matchmaking involved, so all the IT professional needs to do is show up and do the job at hand.

Each of these companies has a slightly different approach in terms of their business models, ranging from a fully automated IT job market and social networking community managed by OnForce, to a more personal approach where the IT professional becomes a part of a dedicated network.

It's up to individual IT professionals as to what approach to best take. In the meantime, if you run an IT department, this is also a great way to vet future job candidates because rather than just interviewing them, you can actually see them in action.

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Jun 17, 2013 12:34 PM computer repair computer repair  says:
but it gets them going in a direction, that's where Linkedin and other professional resources will help to get their good work out there Reply

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