The Real Cost of IT Damage Control

Michael Vizard

IT organizations waste an inordinate amount of time arguing over who is responsible for some application performance issue or another.

According to the folks at TRAC Research, the average IT organization spends about 46.2 hours a month in “war-room” situations trying to figure out the root cause of an application performance issue.

According to Jesse Rothstein, CEO of ExtraHop Networks, a provider of application performance management (APM) software, the reason this happens is that most organizations manage IT technologies in isolation. As far as they can tell, each of those products is functioning fine, which results in a lot of finger-pointing between different members of the IT operations teams and the people responsible for the applications.

IT administrators for the most part don’t engage in these blame games out of spite. As far as they can see, the particular segment of the IT universe they are responsible for managing is performing to expectations. Unfortunately, there’s usually been a change to the requirements of an application that was either unforeseen or simply not communicated.

Regardless of what all the blinking lights in the data center might be saying, Rothstein says what really matters is the actual experience for the users of the application. Right now, however, the TRAC Research report makes it plain that it takes way too much time to correlate all the data to confirm just what that user experience actually is.

Of course, the bigger problem is the damage the reputation of the IT organization suffers while trying to figure all that out. In an age where every IT service provider on the planet is telling the business they can do a better job than the internal IT organization, that’s a price most IT organizations these days cannot afford to pay.

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Aug 17, 2012 12:55 PM Teej Teej  says:
Rothstein hit the nail on the head. The scenario is so typical. Network guys have their own tools saying everything is fine. The infrastructure guys who monitoring CPU utilization is ok. Nothing is wrong in the DB but yet the end users are still complaining about a slow down. Response time is the key metric here! Reply

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