The Next Era of Cloud Computing

Michael Vizard
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The next era of cloud computing is going to be defined by the speed at which IT services can be provisioned and delivered. The challenge is going to be finding a way to make that happen without having to scale the size of the overall IT organization.

Speaking at the IBM Pulse 2012 conference today, Scott Hebner, IBM vice president of marketing for IBM Tivoli software, said that as cloud computing is increasing, adopted organizations are going to witness the development of hyper-competitive markets that will be enabled by IT services delivered via the cloud.

To help cost effectively manage those services, IBM today extended IBM SmartCloud Foundation, a suite of IT management tools that allows IT organizations to automate the creation and management of IT services in the cloud. As part of that effort, IBM is also rolling out a beta release of IBM SmartCloud Continuous Delivery, which is a set of tools and best practices designed to help IT organizations manage the deployment of applications in the cloud in an era that is increasingly being defined by agile development methodologies.

In addition, IBM also unveiled today IBM SmartCloud Control Desk to automate the management of configuration changes and IBM SmartCloud Virtual Storage Center, which is designed to automate the management of storage in cloud computing environments. Finally, IBM is also updating IBM SmartCloud Monitoring with additional analytics capabilities.

As the debate over whether to adopt some form of cloud computing increasingly comes to a close, the next logical question is going to be how to manage it. It's plain to see that without some form of governance cloud services will sprawl. At the same time, the business sees cloud computing as a way to inject agility into IT operations that should ultimately allow the company to quickly bring new goods and services to market. The challenge facing IT organizations is going to be how to make good on the promise of cloud computing in a way that doesn't ultimately wind up increasing IT operational costs.

Up until now, cloud computing has largely been thought of as an IT issue. But soon enough, cloud computing is going to wind up transforming entire industries. As that process begins to happen, the difference between winning and losing is going to come down to which organizations wind up managing the cloud the best.

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May 29, 2012 8:57 AM cloud cloud  says:

Finally, IBM is also updating IBM SmartCloud Monitoring with additional analytics capabilities.


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