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Michael Vizard
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Six Questions You Need to Ask Before Deploying Business Intelligence

Make sure you provide the right BI capabilities to the right people.

A new data management triumvirate is starting to emerge within companies as part of an effort to derive more value from all the information that organizations can increasingly afford to gather.

That triumvirate now consists of three distinct job functions that include database administrators (DBAs) who have greatly expanded their roles, the emergence of data scientists who organize information in a way that makes it accessible and meaningful to the rest of the company, and empowered business analysts who know how to leverage that information to optimize a specific business process on behalf of a particular line-of-business unit.

According to EMC Chief Marketing Officer Jeremy Burton, this shift in responsibilities and job functions is a sign that companies are investing a lot more in trying to understand and analyze the data to which they have access - as opposed to merely trying to process data and finding ways to store it as efficiently as possible in accordance with some compliance regulation or revenue recognition rule. As part of that effort, DBAs are now being asked to expand their roles to include the management of a variety of NoSQL database technologies such as Hadoop.

As this shift occurs, it should raise the profile of the IT organization as companies come to rely more on facts to drive business processes. The challenge, of course, is going to be organizing all the data a company collects in a way that makes it actionable business intelligence versus just another series of reports being generated by the IT department about events that have already transpired.

Unfortunately, at the moment, most businesses are a little short-handed when it comes to finding people who can actually leverage the analytics tools required to get value out of all the information they collect. But the organizations that do have those skills in place today have a decided advantage over all newcomers.

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Dec 5, 2011 4:17 AM Jessica Johnson Jessica Johnson  says:

Thank you for this interesting post! As an employee of an IT Support New York company I have very good knowledge about the importance of a good data management. Many companies have a lot of problems because of the lack of an organized database. This is how they loose precious information. It is very important to have a good IT structure made of people who know very well how to leverage information in order to optimize the business process.


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