The Healing Nature of Cloud Computing

Michael Vizard

While acquisitions of software vendors are usually filled with unlimited potential for the buyers, customers are often left trying to integrate applications that have dramatically different code basis and user interfaces.


Software vendors have generally expected most customers to just grin and bear it. Of course, most customers typically opted not to add the vendor's latest offering because the integration headaches were too much trouble.


But in the age of cloud computing, software vendors are discovering that the integration headaches can be offloaded to the cloud. For example, Infor launched Infor24 on the Microsoft Azure cloud computing platform earlier this month.

According to Soma Somasundaram, Infor senior vice president of global product development, this approach makes easier for Infor customers to access the company's entire application portfolio without having to deploy additional IT infrastructure. And because the Azure platform can run both and Java applications, Infor believes that Azure gives the company a strategic capability to more easily integrate Info applications that have been built around various code bases.

Somasundaram says that Info believes that hybrid cloud computing models ultimately will dominate the IT landscape once customers get used to the concept of determining what data needs to be located on-premise for performance and security reasons and what data can be more effectively processed in the cloud.

In the meantime, Somasundaram said Infor will take advantage to offload the challenges of integrating its application portfolio with a set of cloud computing services rather than ask the customer to bear the brunt of that burden.

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