The Emergence of Data Center Project Lifecycle Management

Michael Vizard
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A systematic approach to building data center infrastructure management.

As IT as a whole becomes more complex to manage, a lot of IT organizations are finding that their ability to keep track of what IT asset is attached to which project is being sorely tested.

Most IT shops have been relying on either paper-based processes, spreadsheets or a generic project management application to keep track of what systems are running which application workloads. But with the advent of virtualization, that's becoming exponentially harder to keep track of when virtual machines come and go and application workloads can move at any given moment.

To address these issues, the folks at nlyte Software have come up with a project management application that is specifically designed for people who manage data centers. According to Todd Goldman, nlyte vice president of product management, the basic idea behind the company's namesake software was to create an application that could dynamically allocate hundreds of assets, easily create what-if models for any number and size of data center projects, automatically convert those models into project plans and work orders, and predict the impact those projects have on the availability of power, space, cooling and connectivity.

IT organizations waste a huge amount of time on these tasks, not because they are unnecessary, but rather because it's the only way to impose any order on the chaos that is enterprise IT. It's almost impossible to truly manage IT as a service when at any given moment the data you have on the overall IT environment is probably out of date.

Better project management software isn't going to solve all our enterprise IT problems. But without some sort of application that provides a comprehensive view of the entire IT environment, things will never get any better.

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