The Convergence of Mobile Security and Device Management

Michael Vizard
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Security Vulnerabilities at All-time Highs for Mobile Devices

Mobile security recommendations for consumers and administrators.

Early on, a few vendors recognized the need for mobile device management, which at the beginning of 2011 gave rise to something of a cottage industry in the mobile computing space.

But in the latter half of 2011, it became apparent that something more profound was starting to happen as security vendors started to compete more aggressively in the mobile device management space. In fact, the latest offering in this space comes from Sophos, which recently upgraded its Sophos Mobile Control offering to include support for compliance enforcement and some new self-service management features for end users who don't require any direct intervention on the part of the IT department.


According to Thomas Lippert, a Sophos product manager, the rise of the bring-your-own-technology (BYOT) phenomenon in the enterprise is putting a lot of pressure on IT organizations that are looking for ways to support mobile computing devices in the context of an existing process. Given the fact that they already rely on security vendors to manage endpoint security, the convergence of mobile security and device management around a secure container running on a mobile computing device makes a lot of sense.

It's actually a shame that this level of convergence hasn't taken place throughout the rest of the enterprise. Unfortunately, most IT organizations today manage systems and security separately, which invariably leads to problems. But with the rise of mobile computing in the enterprise, it looks like we may finally see the beginning of a real convergence of systems and security management.

Obviously, it's too early to ascertain to what degree this trend might manifest itself across the entire enterprise, but it looks like mobile computing may be as good a place to start as any.

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