The Coming Data Revolution

Michael Vizard
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How to Connect Data to Meaningful and Measurable Results

Highlights on building an IT Metrics Correlation Model to gain the full value of your data.

There's obviously a lot of interest these days in all things related to Big Data. But finding more cost-effective ways of collecting large amounts of data is really only a means to an end.

As Paul Gustafson, director of CSC's Leading Edge Forum - Technology Programs, notes, the real opportunity is how to leverage all this information in real time, especially because the amount of time that was required to normalize and model all the data has been sharply reduced by the advent of powerful processing platforms. In particular, not only is the processing power of traditional processors increasing dramatically, we're starting to see the advent of new in-memory approaches to processing large amounts of data in a few seconds.

But as impressive as those new approaches might be, the challenge going forward, says Gustafson in a new report that can be found here, is finding a way of connecting all the dots to provide some real context. In order to accomplish that, Gustafson says that all the investments in processing data are going to need to be complemented by investments in visualization technologies and analytics applications that will make all the information more accessible.

Ultimately, Gustafson says we're seeing the emergence of data as a true service that will make it easier for end users to follow the noise being generated by the data in real time, versus relying on applications that do little more than give people a rear-view mirror perspective on what's actually happening inside the business.

Of course, this revolution in how data is processed and analyzed may take a little while to play out, but, as Gustafson notes, it's already happening at a much faster rate than most people realize.

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