The Application Management Divide

Michael Vizard

As the application development process becomes more agile in the enterprise, the gap between developers and the folks who manage the actual deployment of applications is getting wider than ever.

There's always been a gap between these groups. Developers have always been somewhat notorious for not caring so much about the troubles of the people who have to manage the applications they develop. But now that developers are getting much faster at creating applications, the folks who manage the application development process are under more pressure than ever.


Unfortunately, the process of managing application deployment in most IT organizations is manual and not very well-documented. Daniel Kushner, vice president of e-business for Nolio argues that with the rise of agile development, IT operations folks are going to have to inevitably rely more on tools to automate the application release management process.

In the latest release of Nolio 3.0, the company is also adding a new dashboard designed to give the folks who manage the application deployment process a management console through which they can track and monitor the overall process. As part of the overall effort to streamline the management process, Nolio is also partnering with application lifecycle management (ALM) vendor Serena Software, which today rolled out a new comprehensive approach to the overall ALM process.

There are a lot of challenges when it comes to managing applications in the enterprise. The gap between the various teams involved is something that has evolved over time. But now that we've finally found a way to effectively speed up the application development process, it would be shame to let all that progress go to waste simply because the application deployment teams don't have the tools they need to keep pace.

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Nov 16, 2010 1:53 AM Daniel Kushner Daniel Kushner  says:

Nolio is holding a webinar today (November 16) with UK analyst Ovum and CTO of City Index to talk about devops and agile IT operations.

Registration link:


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