Taking the Business Blinders Off

Michael Vizard

As business processes move out to the Web, they become more complex. Companies are saving millions of dollars by doing this because in most cases they are eliminating tons of overhead. But as more business processes are extended out to the Web, business leaders also are discovering that they have less visibility into those business processes than ever.

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Removing the IT Blinders

Business leaders want end-to-end visibility into business processes in real time. That's a tall order for IT as business processes now span any number of applications, databases and systems.

A survey of 474 business and IT leaders conducted by International Data Corp. on behalf of Compuware, a provider of application management tools, makes it pretty clear that while business leaders are drowning in reports, they really crave real-time insight into complete end-to-end business processes.

According to Rich Bentley, Compuware solutions marketing director, Compuware is trying to provide that by integrating the application management tools it developed for enterprise applications in the data center with the Web application management tools developed by Gomez, which it acquired last year.

The challenge facing most businesses today is that processes on the Web span multiple partners and IT organizations. That makes it extremely difficult to gather information in real time given the myriad number of applications and systems involved. That's expected to only become more difficult with cloud computing, which is one of the reasons that Compuware recently rolled out a free cloud computing performance analysis service called CloudSleuth.

Obviously, the industry as a whole has a long way to go in terms of providing end-to-end visibility into business processes on the Web. But the organizations that get there first will have a decided advantage with their ability to respond to and take advantage of rapidly changing business conditions.

And when you get right down to it, isn't that why companies invest in IT in the first place?

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May 14, 2010 11:08 AM Michael Keen Michael Keen  says:

the last slide really substantiates what I've been preaching about since Dec 09; that realtime analytics into customer data and more to the point of this slide deck what IT is doing to help drive competitive advantage and increasing speed and agility across the whole enterprise.


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