Streaming Video Turns Networks into Broadcast Mediums

Michael Vizard
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What to Look for in a Videoconferencing System

Key features to consider before purchasing a videoconferencing system.

Just about every corporate network these days is being used to transmit video in one form or another these days. Most of that video is of an on-demand nature, which means relatively very few people are watching videos at the same time.

But corporate executives are now also discovering video as a broadcast medium. As a result, they are increasingly sending live video streams to the entire company at the same time. Suddenly, that means the corporate network has become the digital equivalent of a broadcast network. Unfortunately, not every viewer on the network has the same kind of access to network bandwidth, especially if they work in a remote office.

To address that particular issue, Riverbed Technology this week added some new capabilities for managing video traffic in version 7.0 of the RiOS software it uses to manage its Steelhead wide area network (WAN) optimization appliances. According to Naveen Prabhu, senior product marketing manager for Steelhead appliances, native support for hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP) video make it possible for IT organizations to stream one video flow down to the branch office, which can then be split locally into multiple streams that are delivered to the end point. That eliminates the need to send multiple video streams across the WAN to each user, thereby dramatically reducing bandwidth consumption while improve video quality.

Why all this matters is that video is the new form of collaboration in the enterprise. Different organizations, of course, are at different levels of adoption when it comes to video. But the long-term trend line is pretty clear: IT organizations are going to start thinking a lot more like folks who manage television networks in order to make sure everybody is actually enjoying a quality video experience.

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