Social Networks Meet Content Management

Michael Vizard

One of the challenges that many IT organizations are starting to discover is how divorced their approaches to content management and social networks really are. In many cases, these two activities are actually distinct, yet orthogonal, efforts that need to be more tightly coupled. Many companies want the content on their Web sites to change in real time, depending on the feedback emanating not only from social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, but also the social networks they own and operate themselves.

Claudio Canive, CEO of Platformic, a provider of a content management system that is delivered as a service, is betting that as more companies become interested in creating their own social networks so they have more control over the customer information derived from them, customers will want a system that comes with a built-in social-network component.

Besides lowering total costs, Canive said it's going to become a lot more important for average users, as opposed to Web masters, to be able to easily change information on the Web site in response to what is happening on the social network. To make that happen, Canive said it's critical for the underlying CMS to be designed in a way that isolates the presentation layer of the site from the underlying database architecture in the CMS. It also must provide hooks to external data sources to make it easier to bring data into the CMS. Today, far too many companies have to pay for separate social-networking platforms, and the internal process for updating content on the CMS still requires dedicated specialists, Canive added.

In effect, Canive is highlighting the fact that online discussions happen in real time. If it takes a company 24 hours or more to effectively respond to that conversation on its Web site, that defeats the strategic value of investing in social networking.

As more companies begin to realize that all information needs to be made available as a continuous set of services, it will be interesting to see how the back-end CMS platforms employed by IT organizations will evolve to meet social-networking challenges that are changing the way we think and interact with content every day.

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Apr 3, 2010 6:59 AM laura laura  says:

The approach of IT services organization to content management and social network meets is a great step. Social networking sites help a lot in promotion of a website.


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