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Michael Vizard
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One of the primary issues with business intelligence (BI) software is that more often than not the applications were designed to be used by a few highly trained business analysts working in isolation.

But as BI software heads mainstream, IT organizations are discovering an intrinsic need to collaborate within the context of a BI application. To address that issue, Panorama Software has decided to borrow many of the collaboration concepts associated with social networking to create what company CEO Eynav Azarya describes as "social intelligence" in the enterprise.

A new Panorama Necto offering keeps track of how individuals use Panorama BI software in order to identify groups of people working on similar problems. It then sends out suggestions that help users working on those problems to discover each other and share information. Now Panorama has taken that concept one step further by adding algorithms that identify the relevancy of that information based on the specific interests of the end user.

Within the context of a corporation, it's not all that surprising to discover people or even teams of people trying to tackle similar business problems. Those teams may not always want to collaborate, but they should at least be given the option of knowing that other people are working on similar problems.

Of course, adding Web 2.0-style collaboration tools to BI software isn't always going to prevent that from happening. But it is potentially an important place to get started because we also know how often people can wind up spinning their wheels for a piece of critical data that, as it turns out, somebody in the company already has.

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