SMB Technology Outlook: A Little Less Than Cloudy

Michael Vizard
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The Cloudy State of IT in the Average SMB Organization

One of the assumptions that vendors routinely make about cloud computing is that it will prove to be especially attractive to small- and medium-size business users.

Whether that assumption proves to be true remains to be seen, but a new survey from Zoomerang, a provider of online survey software that is available as a service, suggests that SMB organizations are not particularly anxious to adopt cloud computing services. In fact, the survey finds that while 10 percent of the 525 decision-makers surveyed currently make use of cloud computing, only two percent report any plans to do so within the coming year.

Of course, many people within an SMB organization might not associate a particular service with the term cloud computing. For example, is probably thought of more as a customer relationship management (CRM) application as opposed to a cloud computing service.

At the same time, however, Alex Terry, executive vice president and general manager for Zoomerang, also notes that the term cloud computing, which has its roots in the telecommunications sector, might not have much appeal to people working in an SMB environment. In fact, how they access IT may be much less of an issue than figuring out how a particular service or application might add value to their business.

The IT industry as a whole is probably subject to more boom and bust cycles than most industries. In fact, what may be most troubling about this survey is the large number of people who said they have no plans to increase their IT investments. That means regardless of how IT gets delivered, the IT industry as a whole needs to work a whole lot harder to convince SMB organizations that are still reeling from a recession to allocate budget dollars to IT when they're not sure how the overall business is really going to fare in 2011 and beyond.

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May 11, 2011 5:16 AM ElasticHosts Cloud Hosting ElasticHosts Cloud Hosting  says:

It ultimately depends on the type of SME/SMB and as you point out the level of knowledge about what is cloud computing. There are plenty of SMEs that are entrenched in the web developed/app business so IAAS are potentially invaluable for growth. On the other spectrum there are SMEs that have very little dealing with online services.

Aug 19, 2013 4:53 AM Andrew Andrew  says:
Thanks for the post!. I have been working on a similar kind of research with large businesses using ProProfs survey tool. Reply

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