Simplifying the Management of Online Video

Michael Vizard

Digital asset management has proven to be a significant challenge for any organization.

There can be lot of different versions of the same video, storage costs can be substantial, and there isn't always an easy way to search for the right video based on the content.

When you add all those factors, it makes a pretty compelling argument for a software-as-a-service application such as Reality Digital, which just added a new capability that simplifies the management tasks associated with distributing video content across the Web.

The new Spotlight feature allows users to automatically distribute video content so it can run on another Web site in less than 15 minutes, according to company officials.

The nifty thing about that is with online video becoming more popular, just about everybody is trying to find an efficient way to distribute video across the Web, especially when it comes to sites such as YouTube. The problem is that a lot of organizations that can benefit from distributing their content in the form of video; they just don't have the internal infrastructure to support it.

But like most things that are challenging to do on your own, digital asset management can benefit from a cloud computing model that allows customers to focus more on what they want to accomplish than figuring out how to go about building and maintaining it.

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