Simplifying the Gathering of Real Business Intelligence

Michael Vizard
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When business people think about business intelligence, they don't think about a bunch of pretty reports prepared for them by the IT department. In fact, the majority of business people are still pretty much convinced that they can get all they need to know about the business from their own spreadsheets. What they do want, however, is intelligence on what their competitors are up to and the state of the overall market.

Next week GageIn will launch a public beta of a new service at the upcoming DEMO conference that purports to deliver just that. Based on a set of proprietary algorithms and custom metatags developed by GageIn, the service allows any user to monitor the activities of any company they want. The service will then scour the Web for all information related to that company on an ongoing basis, thereby giving users access to a steady stream of competitive intelligence on rivals, customers, suppliers or even their own company. Users can then opt to share that information with the world at large via their favorite e-mail system or social network, all of which have been integrated into the GageIn environment.


GageIn CEO Luosheng Peng says the service is intended to give users access to all the types of information they use from expensive information services in a social networking environment that makes it easy to share and analyze that information. In effect, the GageIn service gives users a business edge in terms of providing a customizable early warning system for discovering both new opportunities and potential threats to the business.

We live in a time when the value of IT to the business is constantly questioned, so when a new application emerges that can make an immediate difference to the business, it creates an opportunity for the IT department to appear heroic. And given the simple fact that GageIn is a service, the amount of work that the IT department has to do to set it up is minimal. Longer term, there will be opportunities to stream the data gathered by GageIn into any number of applications. But in the meantime, business users are typically starved for useful information. There's plenty of it out there, but finding a way to consume the information in a meaningful way has been a challenge.

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