Simplifying the Building of Mobile Apps in the Cloud

Michael Vizard

A lot of the developers trying to create mobile computing applications today don’t have a lot of experience with the backend server technologies needed to deploy a robust mobile computing application. And yet, when you look at the backend services required for any mobile computing application, they tend to be very similar.

Applicasa has turned that realization into a cloud-based service that masks all the complexity associated with building and deploying databases for mobile computing applications. The Applicasa service presents developers with a drag-and-drop interface for creating the database and custom queries in about 10 minutes. Once database objects and queries have been set up, Applicasa generates a customized software development kit that converts database objects to the native development environment without requiring manual coding.

Applicasa Co-founder and COO Tzvi Kopetz says this approach opens mobile computing application development to just about every organization because not only is it simple to use, it eliminates the need to hire a third-party developer just to set up the underlying application infrastructure. That dramatically reduces the total cost of developing a mobile computing application, which can cost as much as $10,000 and two weeks of effort just to set up the backend infrastructure, says Kopetz.

Applicasa CMS

Applicasa also makes available an Applicasa Content Management System (CMS) that gives developers a set of tools that enables developers to manage content, workflow and push notifications, while also collaborating with other members of the organization to customize the application. Most recently, Applicasa added support for Google Android devices to existing support for Apple iOS.

IT organizations everywhere are under pressure to develop compelling mobile computing applications. The trouble is that most of them don’t really know what applications will resonate with their end users. What many of them need is a low-cost way of being able to experiment with mobile computing applications. If each individual team of developers requires its own backend database services and a unique set of tools for each mobile computing platform, it becomes apparent how expensive mobile application development can actually become. That is doubly true when you consider how much infrastructure might have to be deployed on premise in support of such efforts.

Right now it’s pretty clear that mobile and cloud computing are really two ends of the same spectrum in as much as mobile applications are almost wholly dependent on remote backend services. If that’s the case, then it makes sense to create the application in the same kind of environment where it’s most likely to be actually used.

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