Server Memory Becomes a Layer of Tiered Storage

Michael Vizard

Major advances have been made in recent years in terms of the amount of memory that is available on modern processors. The challenge has been finding a way for existing applications that were written primarily for a traditional disk drive construct to take advantage of all that memory.

This week, the folks at Atlantis Computing said they have come up with an answer to that challenge in the form of Atlantis ILIO FlexCloud 1.0, a piece of software that makes all that memory on a processor look like an extremely fast hard disk to an existing application.

According to Atlantis Computing CEO Bernard Harguindeguy, ILIO FlexCloud is based on storage optimization software that Atlantis Computing originally developed to improve the performance of virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) environments by processing all storage IO traffic within the hypervisor. Now Atlantis Computing is extending that concept in a way that essentially turns server memory (RAM) into a layer of tiered storage, says Harguindeguy.

The implications of that capability for database applications could be especially profound, especially in the coming era of big data. Rather than having to rewrite those database applications to move them into memory or replace them with new in-memory databases, IT organizations now have an option to improve the performance of those applications by taking greater advantage of processor memory.

Atlantis ILIO FlexCloud

Harguindeguy says that Atlantis Computing already has relationships with Cisco, Dell and IBM that should serve to make ILIO FlexCloud 1.0 generally available once the technology exits private beta this summer. In the meantime, IT organizations might want to start planning what to do with all that available memory on next-generation servers that suddenly might offer a lot more bang for the previous buck.

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