RSA Launches CyberCrime Security Service

Michael Vizard

When someone robs you, there are telltale signs, such as a missing wallet or mysterious charges on a credit card bill that make it apparent what transpired pretty quickly. Unfortunately, the same thing can't be said for cyberspace.

To address this issue, RSA, the security division of EMC, is rolling out the RSA CyberCrime Intelligence Service that helps IT organizations discover systems that may have been compromised by malware. The idea behind the service is simple enough: Evildoers on the Web have becomes sophisticated at surreptitiously embedding malware in various systems. It usually requires expensive security consultants to discover that malware, so for $7,500 a month, RSA will automate that process by delivering it as a remote service.

The trouble with cyber crime is that many victims are blissfully unaware that they are being robbed. Cyber criminals are increasingly adept at flying under the radar. So instead of launching broad attacks that leave tell-tell signatures, they prefer to steal a little at a time.

Sean Brady, senior manager for identity protection and verification at RSA, says that new service uses the collective information that RSA gathers from all its customers to make it easier to identify new forms of malware faster than any one human being ever could. When it comes to security, it's becoming painfully obvious that the bad guys are working with each other to launch attacks. Trying to defend against those coordinated attacks by relying only on your own internal resources makes for some long odds. To level the playing field, customers are quickly finding that cloud security services not only lower costs, but also improve security.

As in the animal kingdom, it's usually the animal that strays from the pack that falls victim to the predators. So remember, there is always strength in numbers.

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