Rendering the BYOT Debate Moot

Michael Vizard

There's a lot of debate these days about the wisdom of allowing employees to bring their own technology to work. Some say the cost of acquiring these devices and paying for expensive data plans, coupled with demands for more platform choices from employees make bring your own technology (BYOT) all but inevitable.

Others say that the inevitable security breaches coupled with the need to reduce systems management costs mean that BYOT is essentially an invitation to IT disaster.

The folks at Nukona, a provider of a mobile device management (MDM) service, however, would argue that BYOT does not mean that IT organizations need to compromise on security or increase systems management costs. Nukona recently unfurled the Nukona App Center, a service through which IT organizations can manage mobile computing applications regardless of whether those applications are deployed on a company-owned or employee-owned device.


Nukona CEO Chris Perret says the company's service automatically wraps a layer of mobile computing security software around every application that an IT organization opts to manage via the Nukona App Center. In effect, each IT organization is given the equivalent of its own app store that allows it to focus on securing and managing mobile computing environments without having to care about which mobile computing device is actually being used.

Nukona and other systems management tools are part of a larger trend where systems management is moving away from being focused on specific machines in favor of application environments and the roles of the people who have permission to access those applications.

If properly managed, this trend should essentially render the BYOT debate moot because the issue will no longer be about the device being used, but rather the software the business is actually more dependent on.

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