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Michael Vizard
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How Redundant Applications Drive up the Cost of IT

IT costs are ballooning due to redundant application portfolios.

Hewlett-Packard wants to be your strategic IT services advisor. The company is launching a new HP Multi-Supplier Integration (MSI) service that is intended to help IT organizations identify the source of any given interruption to those services.

As IT organizations become more dependent on a range of services emanating from a complex web of providers, Peter Yates, CTO for HP Enterprise Services says IT leaders are looking for not only strategic advice on how to manage those services, but also people who can track an actual problem to its source. The HP MSI service consists of both HP specialists that visit a customer's site and a series of online tools managed by HP, including an exchange through which every third-party service that a customer uses is registered.

Yates says that for IT organizations that don't have a primary service provider, this new HP offering is intended to help the customer create a framework for managing the plethora of services that make up the modern enterprise. To ensure the impartiality of the HP service, Yates says that this service will always be delivered under a separate contract from any other set of services provided by HP.

As more IT functions move to the cloud there is no doubt that reliance on external IT service providers is going to increase. Unfortunately, most IT organizations don't have any formal approach to managing those services, which more often than not leads to no one holding any of the service providers accountable and, in many instances, the delivery of redundant applications and services.

In terms of the number of customers facing these issues today, Yates says that HP estimates that the total number is in the 300 to 500 range. But longer term, it's clear that services sprawl is an issue that most IT organizations will have to confront in one form or another, so maybe the smartest thing to do is address this issue now rather than after it's already become a major problem.

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Sep 12, 2011 11:04 AM Jeriel Martinez Jeriel Martinez  says:

HP is really doing a great job. They're newly released service is very supportive to different IT organizations. This could serve as a big break in the IT industry. They will make people look forward to more HP services in the future.


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