Putting Identity Management in a Box

Michael Vizard
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The Current State of Identity Management

Password overload is adding additional stress and frustration to the workplace.

At just about every turn, these days it seems like small-to-medium businesses are being confronted by yet another regulation. While generally well intended, these regulations tend to put a lot of stress on the internal IT department in terms of compliance. What IT organizations need is a relatively simple way of coming into compliance with a broad swath of regulations all at one time.

That's the issue that the folks at Identropy are trying to address with a virtual appliance that comes loaded with identity management software that comes with 16 pre-configured templates for automating routine tasks. According to Identropy Executive Vice President Frank Villavicencio, the basic idea is not only to simplify the deployment of identity management software, but also give customers instant access to a set of compliance templates.

The virtual appliances are part of a managed service called the Secure Co-Sourced Unified Identity (SCUID) Platform, which Identropy developed to take the headaches associated with identity management away from the internal IT department. Villavicencio says that the offering amounts to giving IT organizations identity management in a virtual box.


From an SMB perspective, Villavicencio says that a lot of the identity management solutions being offered today are overly complex. IT organizations need to quickly come into compliance in way that doesn't require them to devote huge portions of their day to managing identity issues.

As the fines associated with compliance issues continue to get more punitive, SMB companies can no longer really afford to ignore identity management issues. They just need to deal with it in a way that doesn't make the people working in the internal IT department wish they were somebody else.

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