Predictive Analytics: Dodgers to Win World Series

Michael Vizard

If you believe in the power of predictive analytics and statistics, then the Los Angeles Dodgers are about to win the World Series.

According to the folks that make WebFocus predictive analytics software as Information Builders Inc. (IBI), the Dodgers should defeat the Los Angeles Angels in an all Southern California match-up of the Fall Classic.

IBI says it crunched the past 40 years of playoff statistics to come up with its conclusion, which states that, in order, the most likely winner of the World Series is either the Dodgers, Angels or New York Yankees. The Philadelphia Phillies were a distant fifth in terms of probability in the results that were run just prior to the beginning of this year's playoffs.

For diehard Yankees fans, the news appears grim. In no scenario that IBI ran did it seem likely that the Yankees would come out on top over either the Angels or the Dodgers.

IBI also manages, an online portal that allowed Fantasy Baseball enthusiasts to sort, calculate, filter and visualize baseball statistics.

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Oct 15, 2009 10:02 AM pete b pete b  says:

as I was reading this email the phillies took at 5-1 lead over dodgers in the 5th. Better re-run it.

if the ump calls mauers hit down the line ball fair and punto sees the third base coach your model picks the the real "moneyball" team. When the twins move outside next year spencer will have to include some climate variables in the scoring.

Or maybe the climate variables are already in and that's why it favors LA .

I'll still take the Yankees

Oct 23, 2009 4:36 AM Richard Davis Richard Davis  says: in response to pete b

Numbers Clearly do not take in to account the heart of a state the obvious. In all decisions, the strict letter of the law or in this case the "stats" do not tell the whole story. That's why we continue to venture out into different markets, different lands, different situatuions,..."We learn the most when we think we know it All"


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