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Top 10 Benefits of Virtualization

Virtualization has taken a firm hold at most enterprises these days, but the fact is we've only just begun to unleash the true potential of the technology.

In a lot of large IT organizations, virtualization grew up as a separate discipline, resulting in separate management teams to administer virtual and physical servers.


But as virtual servers become more common, large IT organizations are reintegrating these management teams, resulting in many of them looking for tools that will allow them to simultaneously manage both virtual and physical servers under a common management framework.

For that reason, Abiquo, a provider of IT infrastructure management software that is delivered as a service in the cloud, recently extended its management platform to support physical servers in addition to the virtual ones the company already manages. Abiquo CEO Pete Malcom says that as IT organizations come to the conclusion that virtual servers are as critical to the IT infrastructure as physical servers, many of them are also re-evaluating their management tools as part of a general trend to rely more IT automation.

Rather than invest in management tools that run on premise, Malcom says many IT organizations are availing themselves to converge physical and virtual server management to embrace management tools such as Abiquo 1.8.

The rise of cloud computing is not only changing the way IT organizations need to think about deploying applications, but also managing them both in the cloud and on premise. That may take a little getting used to for some folks, but it sure beats trying to manage modern servers with tools that are consistently several years behind the times.

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Aug 5, 2011 5:27 AM Howard Baldwin Howard Baldwin  says:

I am all for the elimination of point solutions, whether it be in security or network management or other facets of IT. I think the same applies to cloud computing-eventually there won't be private or public clouds, or even clouds-it'll all be infrastructure.

For a review of another product that handles the area that Abiquo is tackling, consider this Solar Winds review:

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