No Place for Sloppy Developers to Hide on the Web

Michael Vizard

Somewhere, somehow there is a piece of application code that is dragging down the performance of your website. The problem is that so many elements of your website are now dependent on third-party code running on any number of other websites. The issue is finding which particular piece of code is causing the problem and which of your many business partners is responsible for managing it.

That's a challenge Compuware says it's now ready to take on following the integration of the Dynatrace application performance management (APM) software that it recently acquired with the rest of the company's Gomez APM portfolio.

According to Jeff Loeb, vice president of product marketing of Compuware's APM business, the company's new Gomez 360 Degree Web Load Testing offering can pinpoint performance issues down to a specific piece of code regardless of whether it is running on your website or some other server being managed by one of your business partners.

In a world where websites are increasingly made up of borderless applications, the ability to quickly identify the source of a performance issue has been a tricky thing, resulting in a lot of finger pointing between different IT organizations. Simply finding a way to reduce that noise level alone makes the investment in APM tools for many organizations a worthwhile endeavor.

As we head into the holiday season, the only thing worse than having a performance problem on your website is not knowing where that problem specifically lies. The good news is that it's getting harder for sloppy application developers to hide.

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Dec 5, 2011 6:33 AM Malinda Hartwig Malinda Hartwig  says:

It's funny how I found this article by searching physician website design ideas. These are the wonders of the internet. Anyway, to get on topic, I agree that the biggest issue is not to know where the performance problem lies. I have experienced this type of issue and it's really annoying. The thought that it's not easy for sloppy application developers to hide is comforting though.


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