Minimizing Supply Chain Disruptions via Your Smartphone

Michael Vizard

Managing your company's supply chain is a lot more complex these days than it used to be. Rapidly changing world events can easily conspire to make some resource that is critical to your business suddenly unavailable.

Worse yet, Murphy's Law dictates that whenever a world-shattering event takes place, you will be out of the office and generally powerless to do anything about it.
To address this issue Dun & Bradstreet has come up with a smartphone implementation of its Supplier Risk Manager Mobile software. According to Jim Lawton, president of the Dun & Bradstreet SMS division, Dun & Bradstreet updates its records anywhere from a half million to two million times a day.

The application allows supply chain managers to keep track of specific suppliers and the global events that might affect them. For example, an earthquake in Southeast Asia would trigger a series of alerts on the implications that event might have on a range of your suppliers.

In a world where the sustainability of the business is a constant board level discussion, getting surprised by world events is no longer an option. Unfortunately, a sudden flare up of tensions between North and South Korea, or a debt crisis in Ireland can have major repercussions for your company's supply chain.

When it comes to a disruption in the supply chain, time is most definitely money. Critical resources are likely to be scarce for some unknown period of time. As a result, whoever gets access to those resources from an alternative supplier first is probably going to have a major advantage over every competitor for as long as the crisis persists.

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