Mastering Social Media for Business

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Seven Tips on How to Navigate the Social Media Transformation

Tips to bring more balance into your life as a leader.

One of the troubles with social media from a business perspective is the signal-to-noise ratio. There's a ton of conversation taking place online, but only a fraction of it is relevant to your business.

Nimble CEO John Ferrara wants to change all that with a new type of customer relationship management application, currently available only in a private beta format, that his company plans to formally unveil at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in January.

The basic idea, says Ferrara, is to stream all the conversations about a company's customers that are taking place on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and social networks into a shared social CRM system. Ferrara says companies would not only be able to track what was being said about and by customers and the people that work there, they would then be able to share that information with each other more effectively in what he says will be a Web-based relationship management system.

Ferrara is no stranger to CRM. He was the founder of Goldmine, arguably one of the first instances of a CRM application ever, which is now owned by FrontRange Solutuons. Ferrara says the smartest thing most people can do when it comes to social media is to just listen and try and gauge what is going on.

There's a temptation, especially among salespeople, to just plunge right into the middle of conversation in the hopes of making a sale. Instead, Ferrara says salespeople and others will get a whole lot more value out of social networking if simply would take the time to listen, find out who the most influential people are on the network, and build relationships the same way they would if they were attending a cocktail party at a conference.

Just as in real life, success in the world of social networking comes down to likability and a willingness to listen to others. The first part of that equation is finding the conversations worth listening too, after that only you decide whether you're going to pay attention.

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Nov 24, 2010 10:23 AM Jon Ferrara Jon Ferrara  says:


Thank you for helping us educate businesses about the power of Social Media Listening & Engagement and how we at Nimble are making it easier for business to unify their Contacts, Calendars and Social Communications into one unified platform for the entire team to more effectively attract and retain customers.

If anyone want to help us out in the beta they can sign up at

Thanks again,



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