Managing the Software Supply Chain

Michael Vizard
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Selling Agile to the CFO: A Guide for Development Teams

Seven tips to get your CFO on board for agile development.

It used to be that corporate applications were developed from scratch by a small team of developers that would deploy those applications on servers that resided within the four walls of the enterprise.

While that still happens it's becoming a lot more common for corporate developers to assemble applications that use existing open source software modules that most likely are going to be deployed in some cloud computing scenario.

According to Dr. Kristof Kloeckner, general manager for Rational Software in the IBM Software Group, what we're really witnessing is the emergence of software supply chains that need to not only be created, they also need to be governed on an ongoing basis.

That lack of governance in the age of agile development is what is creating the so-called DevOps crisis in which IT operations teams can no longer keep pace with the rate at which new applications and subsequent updates are being delivered.

To respond to this challenge, Kloeckner says IT organizations need to focus on coming up with a standard way of managing IT operations, which he says is the goal behind the beta release of a new IBM SmartCloud Continuous Delivery platform.

Of course, not all application development projects are created equal. IT organizations need to apply agile development methodologies at their own pace. In fact, the smartest thing that organizations can do, adds Kloeckner, is to hold the development and IT operations team collectively responsible for the overall success of the project. Otherwise, it's only a matter of time before developers overwhelm the IT operations team.

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