Managing Applications via the Cloud

Michael Vizard

Two of the things that result in more applications going unmanaged than anyone cares to admit are that setting up the application management console is fairly cumbersome, and nobody wants to experience that pain multiple times for each application.

That why it's of interest to watch relatively new vendors such as Approva move their application and business process management tools to the cloud. Rather than having to set up a console on premise for each application, the Approva platform allows IT organizations to manage multiple applications and processes via a management platform in the cloud.

Whether the application is running on premise or in the cloud already, the challenge most IT organizations are wrestling with is how to find an approach to managing applications that is not only cost-effective, but efficient. That means finding one console that allows them to continuously manage multiple applications, effectively eliminating the need for dedicated consoles for each application environment.

How many applications will be moving to a cloud computing model is still a matter of intense debate. But it appears that the complexity of managing applications both on premise and in the cloud is going to drive a lot more IT organizations in the direction of managing their applications via the cloud. In fact, Mike Evans, vice president of marketing for Approva, reports that about 40 to 45 percent of Approva's customers are inquiring about running the company's software as a service.

Since IT organizations don't have the time or internal resources to set up a comprehensive application management system, it may make sense to consider an alternative approach.

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