Making Hadoop Integration a Snap

Michael Vizard

There's a lot of interest these days in the open source Hadoop framework for managing large amounts of data. But the challenge that many IT organizations face is that the primary interface used to access Hadoop data is MapReduce, which many feel is a fairly arcane method for querying data.

Naturally, whenever there is a problem of this nature in the IT universe some vendor tends to rise to the occasion. In this case, SnapLogic this week unveiled SnapReduce, which is designed to provide a higher level of abstraction for accessing Hadoop data that doesn't require people to know MapReduce.

According to SnapLogic CEO Gaurav Dhillon, SnapReduce eliminates the skill-set issues associated with bringing Hadoop into the enterprise. Most IT organizations don't have anybody trained on how to use MapReduce. The availability of SnapReduce eliminates that training requirement, which should then reduce the amount of time it takes for the business to get value out of Hadoop.


The value of Hadoop is that it provides a low-cost way of managing large amounts of data, which can then be analyzed to identify trends with a higher degree of confidence as opposed to relying on a relatively narrow set of data.

But none of that can happen broadly if the underlying data isn't really accessible because nobody really knows MapReduce, hence all the work we're seeing to eliminate Hadoop's reliance on a MapReduce interface, which is probably best suited for only the most hardcore Hadoop enthusiasts.

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May 18, 2011 9:35 AM Otis Gospodnetic Otis Gospodnetic  says:

"...because nobody really knows MapReduce...".

That's an interesting statement.  I know at least a couple of people in my company, Sematext, who know how to use Hadoop MapReduce.


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