Leveraging Analytics to Heal IT

Michael Vizard
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Analytics and the Path to Value

When it comes to business, information is clearly power.

There's no doubt that IT is an inexact science, which makes it hard to manage. The reason for this is because there is a massive amount of instrumentation data that needs to be effectively correlated. But that sheer volume of information makes it hard to identify the most relevant information, which results in most IT professionals making decisions based on experience and instinct, rather than actual current information.

To address this issue, IBM has rolled out a series of new tools that leverages its recent investments in analytics software. According to Scott Hebner, vice president of marketing and strategy for IBM Tivoli, the basic idea is to apply the same analytics technology used in business intelligence applications to the management of IT.


The new IBM offerings come in three forms: a set of Decision Management tools that identify and analyze what business processes are associated with which instances of IBM's WebSphere middleware software; a set of Predictive Business Service Management tools for optimizing the management of IT infrastructure used to run WebSphere; and tools that invoke IBM's MQ series software to automatically optimize the environment.

Hebner says the combination of IBM's investment in the analytics software and Big Data platforms required to effectively manage the sheer volume of data needed to optimize the IT environment is what makes it possible for IBM to try to address longstanding IT operations issue.

There's no shortage of IT automation tools these days. But those tools are very dependent on the quality of the analytics used to assess the optimal state of the IT environment. The end goal, says Hebner, is to move the management of IT from a reactive to pre-emptive state, but that can only happen when the analytics tools needed to assess the true state of the IT environment can be readily applied.

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