IT Systems Management Comes of Age with Social Media

Michael Vizard

Like it or not, social media is starting to influence the way we consume information, even in the relatively staid world of IT systems management.


For instance, Nodeable has come up with a way to track IT systems events using a metaphor that borrows heavily from the way messages and status updates are shared in social media environments. According to Nodeable CEO Dave Rosenberg, this approach is not only more effective because it makes it easier to track specific IT system processes, it's also a lot more appealing to a new generation of systems managers that find legacy systems management consoles difficult to decipher.

Nodeable may be on to something if for no other reason than the people tasked with performing IT tasks tend to be the younger members of the IT staff. It's pretty apparent by now that younger workers are a lot more comfortable sharing information in the context of a social media application than just about any other medium.


But perhaps more importantly, a more social approach allows the management of IT to be organized around specific processes, such as all the elements of an application, rather than trying to separately monitor each component without any real overall context being provided. In fact, the same concept is also starting to be applied to business processes.

Of course, it may take older workers some time to get used to managing IT systems using a social media paradigm. But the folks at Facebook would tell you that folks over 50 are among some of their most prolific contributors to the site, so it just may be that IT managers of all ages are more than ready to try something new and different.

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