HP Launches Cloud Computing Design Service

Michael Vizard

By now everyone knows that at some point they will be using a cloud computing service. But using one and building your own are two different stories. For those IT organizations that intend to build their own cloud computing platforms, Hewlett-Packard wants to lend a hand.

HP today is launching a portfolio of cloud consulting services that builds on the company's expertise in not only building its own cloud computing service, but also work the company did on the Rapid Access Computing Environment (RACE) cloud computing platform for the Department of Defense.

According to Alan Wilson, vice president of infrastructure consulting for HP's Technology Services division, many IT organizations that are planning on building their own cloud computing platforms are not doing the level of analytical rigor necessary to insure success. For example, there are a whole range of tradeoffs in terms of types of servers used and the levels of latency that need to be achieved depending upon the applications being deployed.

HP, he said, has developed a series of reference methodologies for building out cloud computing platforms. Ultimately, Wilson said that IT organizations should be designing cloud computing platforms with the next generation of virtualization in mind. Advances in virtual machine technology will make it easier to dynamically deploy application workloads across public and private cloud computing services as long as IT organizations start building their internal clouds today with an eye toward hybrid cloud computing scenarios that will be the norm tomorrow.

The ultimate issue, said Wilson, is that IT organizations need to think about cloud computing integration by design today rather than by committee tomorrow. Of course, every IT professional will say they alrady know how to build a cloud computing platform if they have access to all the right resources. But in truth, it's harder than it looks on paper. Otherwise, everybody would have one by now. That doesn't mean there are not a lot of options in terms of getting advice. But like the saying goes, don't try this at home alone.

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Aug 23, 2010 3:25 AM Paul Web Paul Web  says:

Cloud computing is fabulous option for those businesses who do not own their own infrastructure nor do they wish to carry unnecessary overheads associated with computer infrastructure. Cloud environment allows user to access only aspects of the environment that is beneficial to the users needs. I guess for me, the question is, how does a computer illiterate know what it they really require and of what is the benefit of the applications?

Sep 29, 2010 4:17 AM Web Design Sheffield Web Design Sheffield  says:

Interesting times ahead; every day we hear of another application that has been taken into the cloud. Lots of interesting discussion arising around this too in terms of data security and the legalities of cloud hosted data too (which country is your data stored in?)


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