How to Get Certified on Cloud Computing Security

Michael Vizard

With the security of cloud computing, there are two main problems. The first is that the level of security that is provided by any given cloud computing service varies widely. The second is that most IT people and the employees they serve are unaware of this fact.

The Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) wants to help change this state of affairs with a new online cloud computing security test that both IT people and average business users can take starting September 1. Details of this certification will be outlined this week at the Black Hat 2010 security conference being held in Las Vegas.

According to Jim Reavis, Executive Director for the CSA, the test is based the guidelines that CSA has developed to help make cloud computing more secure. The idea behind creating a certification, says Reavis, is that better-educated customers will demand higher levels of security from their cloud computing providers.

The state of cloud computing security varies widely because most cloud computing providers have not replicated the security systems that internal IT organizations have been conditioned to provide, and in many cases the internal IT organization has no control over the external IT cloud computing provider.

IT organizations are expected to gain more control over these providers. But in the meantime, the CSA wants to make sure that cloud computing adoption doesn't slow down because of concerns over security. Says Reavis, external cloud computing providers will eventually throw more resources at security to make cloud computing a lot more secure across the board.

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