How to Gain Some Real 'Cloud Cred'

Michael Vizard
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There's obviously a hype these days associated with cloud computing, which almost guarantees that not everyone knows what they are talking about or that they are even talking about the same thing.

The folks at CompTIA are hoping to bring a little more focus to the cloud computing conversation with the launch today of a CompTIA Cloud Essentials certification that has the backing of some of the biggest vendor names in the industry, including IBM, VMware, Microsoft and Rackspace.

According to Rick Bauer, director of research and development for skills certification at the industry trade association, CompTIA expects this certification, developed in conjunction with ITpreneurs, an IT skills testing organization, to become one of its most popular offerings. Given all the interest in cloud computing, Bauer says that it's critical the businesses have some faith in the credibility of the people who represent themselves as being knowledgeable in this area.

Bauer concedes that the Cloud Essentials certification is not meant to be a deep technical dive on the subject, but rather serve as a foundation for making sure that people at least have a common understanding of the subject matter.

CompTIA has prepared the usual assortment of educational materials to help people pass the exam with one notable addition. The organization has also a new gaming application that lets people become familiar with cloud computing concepts and issues via a set of role-playing exercises.

Bauer says that the association developed the vendor-neutral certification in the hopes that end-user organizations will demand that people working for them or selling services to them have a base level of certified competency.

It may take a while for enough people to gain enough "cloud cred" to make that happen, but everybody has to get started at least somewhere.

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Nov 8, 2011 7:54 AM Finbarr McCarthy Finbarr McCarthy  says:

In an ideal wold certification is great, when you hire somebody it is comforting to know that they have the necessary skills.

The thing that concerns me with many IT certifications is that many of the people I see who have all the right certifications seem to be very good at one thing - "taking exams".

Personally I would prefer to hire somebody who has an obvious ability to learn new things easily, particularly when it comes to cloud computing as the field is moving ahead pretty quickly.

Just my 2 cents.


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