How to Correlate Data Across the Enterprise and Social Networks

Michael Vizard
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Analytics and the Path to Value

When it comes to business, information is clearly power.

One of the things that IT organizations are struggling with is how to correlate all the data on social networks about their company with all the data stored in their corporate applications.

For example, it would nice to be able to take all the information about a customer that is available on social networks and correlate that data back to the information on that customer that exists in any number of enterprise applications.

A relatively new vendor trying to take on this challenge is Queplix, which just announced what the company calls application blades for Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Contacts. Queplix has built a metadata server that allows IT organizations to establish and maintain relationships between all related data regardless of the application it is stored. The new application blades now make it possible to extend that concept out to applications that exist outside the four walls of the enterprise.


Queplix CEO Mark Cashman says that the traditional application constructs are increasingly falling apart because the business wants to manage its relationship with customers, suppliers and partners holistically. That creates a requirement for a metadata server that will allow IT organizations to manage and access relevant data easily without regard to what application that data actually resides in.

We live in an era where businesses have access to more data than they know what to with. The challenge is finding the right data at the right time. By normalizing data using the Queplix metadata server, the business user can start to have confidence that information the company has on any given customer or process is actually known. Or put more simply, Queplix helps companies decipher data that they all too often don't realize they already have.

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