How Social Networks Can Drive a Company Crazy

Michael Vizard

One of the great things about social networking is that it can give people access to a lot of great information about what people are saying about the company in real time. That's also one of the worst things about social networking.

With thousands of people potentially discussing an issue, the thing that a lot of companies are going to start craving is some context around that information. That's why Dyke Henson, chief marketing officer for PivotLink, a provider of business-intelligence-as-a-service applications, thinks we're going to see a much bigger requirement for analyzing data generated via streams of social media data in 2010.

In much the same way that companies routinely analyze Web traffic to their sites, companies will want to analyze the metadata from various social networks to really determine what is happening not only at the moment, but also how the interactions compare to trending data over any period of time. In addition, they are then going to want to compare how that trending information lines up with the business results and goals outlined in their BI applications.

As Henson notes, reacting to every potential happening on social networks will soon drive a company crazy. What's needed is a way to take a measured response to events on social networks that can be determined quickly, without trying to respond to all the minutia that ultimately may just be more sound than real fury.

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