HD Videoconferencing Starts to Come into Focus

Michael Vizard
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Videoconferencing Adoption and ROI

While videoconferencing can help reduce operating costs and improve decision making, just half of businesses actually use it.

Slowly but surely high-definition videoconferencing seems to be heading mainstream, but the real question is: What will it really take to get it there?

Cisco thinks that a big part of the equation is the cost of the actual HD videoconferencing system. To address that issue, the company at the InfoComm 2011 conference rolled out a $21,600 HD endpoint, called the MX 200. As part of a TelePresence Everywhere campaign, Cisco is also rolling out TelePresence Conductor, which is a set of automation tools that a Cisco spokesman claimed could cut HD video deployment time down to a matter of minutes.

Of course, HD videoconferencing is still relatively expensive, especially when you consider the comparitive cost of a traditional "PC or mobile computing endpoint." But Cisco and its competitors seem to be driving costs down at a fairly rapid rate. A real breakthrough when it comes to HD adoption will ultimately depend on the ability to deliver HD teleconferencing services via the cloud. There are already a number of service providers that do this, but progress when it comes to interoperability across those services has been slow. Without interoperability coupled with lower cost end points, customers are still hesitant to make major investments in HD videoconferencing.

Even so, at the rate things are going with HD teleconferencing, which is already a multi-billion dollar segment of the IT industry, it looks like it should be set for widespread adoption by this time next year.

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Sep 20, 2011 4:34 AM Kelsey Kelsey  says:

HD videoconferencing will hopefully help businesses get over their apprehension to start using this technology regularly.


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