Growing Up with E-Commerce on the Web

Michael Vizard

One of the things that thousands of small businesses have come to realize when it comes to e-commerce after this most recent holiday season is that they need more control over their own destiny.

The fact of the matter is that there are tons of small businesses that rely on e-commerce services from companies such as Yahoo. But in that model, each of those businesses is one of thousands that have to comply with the way Yahoo wants to them to sell online, versus having enough control over their online presence to start differentiating themselves.

To that end, we're starting to see companies such as Sum Effect Software gain some traction. There are plenty of companies that a business can use to outsource their e-commerce systems. But most of those are not known for their flexibility as they tend to be aimed at pretty large-scale customers. Sum Effect is trying to bring some of the same type of e-commerce services associated with large-scale e-commerce systems to small-to-medium business customers that are outgrowing the e-commerce services of Web platforms such as Yahoo.

According to Sum Effect Software CEO Matt DeLong, companies still need an e-commerce platform that gives them the benefits of a service, but it also needs to be customizable and extensible. Sum Effect Software today updated its service to version 7.5 of its CoreCommerce, which adds drop-down menus, enhanced search engine optimization and the ability to integrate with QuickBooks Merchant Services from Intuit. According to DeLong, CoreCommerce is specifically designed with the goal of making it simple to integrate with social networks such as Facebook where many companies now market their products, while also being able to incorporate any number of Google services and payment services.

Sum Effect Software, which DeLong says already has 10,000 customers, is a good example of how the next generation of e-commerce platforms are going to need to mirror the flexibility of the overall Web environment that they all need to seamlessly integrate with.

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Jan 25, 2010 9:34 AM John John  says:

CoreCommerce is a an awesome solutions.  It blows Volusion and Yahoo ou of the water. 

Great Support too!


A very satisfied CC customer

Jan 26, 2010 1:15 AM Lydia Lydia  says:

Nice article on CoreCommerce.  I have used them for over 1 year and couldn't be happier.  Great service and love all of the updates.   Plus I am up over 40% from my old provider!

Feb 10, 2010 11:17 AM Tim Burns Tim Burns  says:

CoreCommerce is far ahead of other ecommerce companies. These guys have it all figured out. Affordable pricing, continually innovating, easy to use,  more advanced than anyone and top notch customer service.

A very happy customer.

Tim Burns

Sep 19, 2010 7:41 AM iPhone repairs iPhone repairs  says:

I will be sure to check CoreCommerce out, I have just been using OpenCart and doing it my self.


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